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2016.12.19 – GoodFellas IMPFacebook Italia Christmas Party

2016.12.14 – (GoodFellas IMPBurson Marsteller Christmas party

2016.12.08 – (GoodFellas IMP) GdV + Rock and Roll Circus – “John Lennon Tribute”

2016.11.19 – (GoodFellas IMP) GdV + Rock n Roll circus – “I love Radio Rock”

2016.10.19 – (GoodFellas IMP) Giardino dei Visionari (GdV)

2016.08.31 – (GoodFellas IMP) Photo shooting for jazz singer Randolph Matthews
Official Website

2016.06.10  Reportage for the opening of the exhibition TouchPoint at the  NABA university

2016.05.27 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for the presentation of the new single from “Les Italiennes”: IDWBYG
Facebook Page

2016.05.12 – (GoodFellas IMP) Backstage for the interviews during the StartUpEurope dinner

2016.05.05 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Berlucchi of the event at the Sheraton Diana Hotel
Sample photo

2016.04.11/16 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Berlucchi of five events during the Fuori Salone 2016 & Design week including a performance from Marianne Mirage
Sample photo

Marianne Mirage

2016.03.21 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Twitter for the 10th Birthday (published on Panorama e GQ)

2016.03.16 – (GoodFellas IMP) Live coverage for Twitter of the Twitter Sport conference at Teatro Principe

2016.02.26 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Illy at Padiglione Unicredit during the Milano Fashion Week


2016.01.14 –(GoodFellas IMP) Live coverage of the final day of the Campari Academy Barman Competition (Milan)
Facebook Event

2016.01.12 –(GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of Pitti Immagine for NorthSails
Facebook Post

2015.12.19 –(GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of the event Samsung Experience & X-Factor for Samsung Italia (Milan)
Facebook Event

2015.12.16 –(GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of the Christmas Party for Google Italia (Milan)

2015.11.28 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of the celebrations for the 15th Birthday of the San Mauro Community (Turin) 

2015.09.18 – (GoodFellas IMP) Live reportage of the event #DMDS for Heineken

2015.08.07 –  (GoodFellas IMP) Live reportage of “Street Like a Rainbow” street-art event for Aracnea

2015.06.22 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of the fashion event organized by 5VIE in Milan
FB Event:

2015.06.07 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage of the Blue Velvet Motel event in Milan

2015.06.06 – (GoodFellas IMP) Organizers of the official EyeEm Adventure in Milan

2015.04.18 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Giacomo Milano at Giacomo Caffé Letterario in Palazzo Reale

2015.04.17 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage and still photography for Flexform spa at their stand at Salone del Mobile 2015

2015.04.13/15 – (GoodFellas IMP) Reportage for Generation Store (Johannesburg, South Africa) at Salone del Mobile 2015 (Seletti and De Padova) commissioned by Mobile Media Mob

2015.03.28 – Photographic coverage for the swimming race “XXXI Trofeo Città di Verolanuova
Photo gallery

2015.03.21 – Attended the “24 Hour Project” international street photography event covering the city of Milan

2015.03.04 – (GoodFellas IMP) Backstage photography for Quiet Please! Studio during a recording session with the Kitty Daisy & Lewis british band

2015.02.27 – (GoodFellas IMP) Backstage photography for the 5 days filming set of “Claustrophonia” movie for Bluescore Studio (Milan)

2015.02.20 – (GoodFellas IMP) Coverage for the official opening of the new Tabaccheria for the gastronomic brand “Giacomo
Marie Claire:

2015.02.05 – (GoodFellas IMP) Participation to blogger night organized by Segafredo Zanetti in Vicenza

2015.01.12 – (GoodFellas IMP) Coverage for North Sails at the official stand and event at Pitti Uomo 87 in Firenze

2014.12.13 – (GoodFellas IMP) Photographic coverage of the FashionCamp event in Milan


2014.09 – Photographic project in collaboration with the Department of Education in Melbourne on three primary schools (Ballarat and Bacchus Marsh, Victoria)

2014.09 – Completed a series of 30 studio portraits for a screenwriters company through the RMIT university of Melbourne

2014.06.17 – One picture featured on James Tapscott‘s Website for his installation “Eclipse” at White Night Melbourne 2014

2014.06.11 – Two pictures selected as highly commended at the “Foto & Photos” exhibition at Italian Cultural Institute of Melbourne.

2014.03.22 – Participation to the “24 Hour Project” international street photography event covering the city of Melbourne

2014.03.05 – Selected as one of the Top 3 finalists of the contest “Heineken Capture” sponsored by Heienken and Pacha

2013.11.01 – Became official member of GoodFellas IMP (Italian Mobile Photographers)

2013.06.30 – Photographic coverage for the closing event of the Pizza Festival 2013 (Rose Street Market, Fitzroy)

2013.03.15 – Long term photographic exhibition of 17 street shots taken in Melbourne @ Carlow House (Melbourne CBD)

2013.03.01 – Photographic coverage for the “Urbanedge Consultants” website


2012.09.28 – Participation to “Scatti Telefonici 2012” Exhibition in Trieste (Piazza Unità d’Italia)

2012.08.24 – Mentioned in “Picture This” iTunes podcast by Chris Luckhardt (Motionblur Media)

2012.07.03 – Instagramer of the week with Igers Italia:

2012.04.14 – Interview with @RaffaMuffin about streetphotography:

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